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Week 10

  Congratulations to the Red Post who have won the 1st Division for a record 6th time in a row! And to High Littleton Rec who have won the 2nd Division


I'm still trying to track down some info from SIngles etc so if you think you are missing a 180, check etc then please let me know.

Week 9


 Martin Sawyer Champion Singles

 SIngles draws now up on the Singles page! It is not to late to be entered if you can't see your name down for the most prestigious singles title in the area ;)

Week 7/8



Well done to Red Post players Kailem Marsh and Chris Allen who both hit 12 darters in the same evening! On top of that Andy Hughes hit a 15 and a 14 dart leg and Chris also hit 2 180's. Amazing darts!


Week 6


 One game was played on the 14th Feb instead of later in March. Crown Jewells beat Norton Social Club 18-9. Another game was played as catch up from the 1st half of the season, Crown Exiles beating Crossways. One match still o/s which is Norton vs Railway A from a couple of weeks ago. 

Week 4/5

Couple of results missing.


Week 3

All results are in and up to date now, thanks all!

Week 1/2




Week 11

Well done to the Railway A who qualify for 'Division 1' for the rest of the season! The fixtures will be up soon.

Also well done to Dan Smart for hitting his 1st 15 dart of the season and especially to Dan Coombes who has hit the seasons 1st 12 dart Leg! It included a 180 and a 138 check...!


Week 10

One more week of fixtures in the 1st half of the season. Any one of 4 teams can still finish in the 6th place . Riverside A are 4 points clear of the Railway A but are home to 2nd place Riverside B whilst Railway A are away to the WunderHound. It is going to be close!



Well done to the following Pairs: (7 out of the 8 have won the Trophy before).

Chris Allen/Andy Wilcox - Won as a pair in 2010 and Chris has won it on 2 further occassions.

Ash Sandon-James/Dean Lewer - Both former winners. Ash once and Dean twice.

Lee Gregory/Gary Witcombe - Defending champions. Gary has won it twice previously. 

Andy Hughes / Sid Cooper - New Pairing. Andy Boy won it in 2015.



Week 9

Only 2 matches to go before the League splits into 2 divisions with only 6 points seperating 4 teams 'chasing' the top half. I have updated week 8 below for the 2 missing fixtures. All tables 100% up to date




Week 8

Now updated for all results.

You will notice that lots of old results etc are missing on this page. There was a server meltdown last week. I have put all results on the results page now.




Main KO:

RIverside B vs Crown Exiles

Red Post vs Lamb Paulton

Byes: NSC ; Railway B


Sub KO:

WunderHounds vs Riverside A

Railway A vs High LIttleton Rec

Byes: Crown Jewells; Crossways.


Week 7


Week 5 / 6



Week 4

One result missing so far.


Week 3

All results are in and all tables up to date!  The Red Post, Norton Social Club and Riverside B are the only teams with a 100% winning record with Red Post having dropped only 1 point. Well done to Andy Hughes who hit two 14 dart legs and one 15 in the last 2 weeks. Chris Allen and Ash Sandon-James have won 3 games without dropping a leg yet. 15 players have won 3 out of 3. Gary Witcombe already has 3 180's and Neil Raikes hit a 144 check.

Week 2

results so far plus update on week 1. Not worth doing table yet but players table is up to date



Week 1

All but one result in. Well done to Geoff Fuller for hitting 2 180's this week against new boys High Littleton in a close match and well done Steve Hoddinott for getting the 1st 15 dart leg of the season.



Railway A    v    Crown Exiles

Lamb Paulton v  Riverside A

Norton Social Club v High Littleton Rec

Red Post v Crown Jewells

Riverside B v Crossways

WunderHounds v Railway B





Red Post 

Crown Exiles

Norton Legion

Riverside B

Railway B

Crown Jewells

The Lamb (formerly Paulton Rovers)

Railway A

RIverside A



High LIttleton Rec Club  (new team, name TBC)



1/ The first half of the season will run as one division - everyone plays each other once. At the Mid-Point (Xmas) the league will split into 2 divisions. Each team will play the other teams in their division twice more. The points from the 1st half are retained. 

1st Half season format:  6 singles Best of 5 and 2 Pairs best of 3.

2nd Half format: Division 1: 6 singles Best of 5 and 3 Pairs best of 3. 

                              Division 2: 6 singles Best of 3 and 3 Pairs best of 3. 


2/ In the 1st half of the season if two Captains agree then their game can be played as best of 3. This does not impact the rest of the league as these teams simply play for less points on the night.  The Captains can also agree to start early.


3/ The Team KO will stay as Best of 3 and 2 Pairs. Singles drawn at random first. After the singles the Pairs draw will then be done - at random, although captain decides the actual pairing. 

FINALS NIGHT - Friday 21st April 

Note there will be a spare week in the 2nd half of the season which I will need because we have so may venues with 2 teams it means setting the fixtures when we split into 2 divisions will be tricky so I will need a spare week. We will also not play on Valentines day (yes, that is Tuesday 14th Feb if you didnt know :) )  


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